Star Shower Laser Magic Projector Creates the Illusion of Dancing Images on Your House

Kathleen and I moved to a ranch house in Newtown, PA in July. We were in The Home Depot in Fairless Hills the other day looking at outdoor Christmas lights for our house. It occurred to us that we could string lights all the way from one end of our house to the other at the height of the gutters-- something we've never tried before. (We haven't lived in a one-story detached house since we've been married.)

The only problem with this is that the front of the house is about 60 feet long. It will take me a while to put up that many lights. I'm also not sure we can find light strands that will extend all the way across the front of our house from the outdoor electrical sockets without drawing more power than recommended.

I was looking around the Internet for an alternative and found this Star Shower Laser Magic Projector on sale at

This is a laser light kit that you place in the yard in front of your house. It contains a laser projector in weather-resistant packaging. The Star Shower Laser Magic Projector will throw a pattern of lights that looks like Santa, Snowmen, the North Star, or a pattern of dots on any wall that you point it at. The potential size of the projected light pattern is much larger than the older LED projectors and looks perfect for the front of our house.

This projector also has images that are appropriate for Halloween, if you are inclined to use it in October.

The manufacturer says that set-up time is less than 10 minutes. Instructions walk you through the steps to place the projector in your yard, select the laser design to be projected and the colors to be used. It sounds like a good alternative to stringing lights on a large house, or a nice complement to other Christmas and Hannukah light displays.

Update: We've recommended a product like this since 2005, and receive positive feedback each year from readers who've purchased the laser and LED projectors that we recommend.