Pittsburgh Penguins Use Small Displays Mounted on Microphones

Jeff Jimerson Singing "O Canada"

Last night the National Hockey League paid its respects to the people of Ottawa, which experienced a devstating terrorist attack on Canada's National War Memorial and its Parliament Building by playing the Canadian National Anthem at all games, which is not normally the protocol.

During the playing of O Canada at the Pittsburgh Penguins - Philadelphia Flyers game at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, I noticed the Penguins were using small LCD displays on the neck of the microphone that Jeff Jimerson was using during his performance.

I had never seen these small video displays in use before, possibly because the National Anthems are not often shown on television broadcasts of major sporting events any more.

These video screens were showing the contents of the main scoreboard over center ice, which was showing the Canadian Flag, and was totally appropriate for the moment.

I am interested to find out how many teams in each major sport in North America use these small displays as part of their National Anthem presentations.

Update: In response to a tweet from us, Schuyler Baehman, NHL Director of Communications, tweeted the following: