Sidekick II Reaches Number 1 on Cell Phone Early Adopter List

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

A very positive review of the T-Mobile Sidekick II was published on BargainPDA today. The review got me looking at the prices for it. I found a great deal at the net price for the Sidekick II is $0 after all rebates, if you pick the right contract.

No wonder the Sidekick II has reached Number 1 on the’s Early Adopters’ List for Mobile Phones. At that price, the Sidekick II is a much better deal than the Treo 600, if the Sidekick II has the features that you need in a smartphone.

Update on November 12, 2004: Amazon must have thought that paying a $25 rebate for the purchase of the Sidekick II with a new contract was too rich, so they increased the net cost to zero. Reader feedback demanded I make this update, but don’t expect me to hand-adjust the price in the future. Click through to the Sidekick II product page and see the price for yourself.