Suggestions for Restocking Your Wishlist

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

One of the first things that my wife, Kathleen, did after the holidays were over was to update her wishlist. She removed all of the gifts that people gave her that had not been purchased from Amazon. After she did that, she offered to update my wishlist as well.

Thanks to Kathleen who pruned my list, and to family members, friends, and Santa Claus who gave me gifts, I don’t have that much stuff on my wishlist any more. I can’t let my list stay that way.

One of the ways I can repopulate my wishlist is to consult Amazon’s most wished for items lists. The first one I looked at was the most wished for items in Electronics which includes a large number of Apple iPod and Canon PowerShot-related products. The most wished for items in Toys didn’t have anything I wanted to add to my list; The one thing that I would like, Atari Classics 10 In 1 TV Games, I already have.

There are some good ideas for most people’s wish lists on the most wished for items in Kitchens and Housewares: there are a lot of Calaphon pots and pans on that list and two Roomba
vacuum cleaners.

Apparently, maintains a limited number of most wished for lists: Electronics, Toys and Games, Books, DVDs, Music, Kitchen and Housewares, Baby, and Health and Personal Care. There are a number of other categories where I’d like to see what people put on their wishlists. Maybe Amazon will start producing and publicizing others for the next holiday season.