Student Mobile Phone Create New Campus Management Issues

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Recently a couple of interesting stories have illustrated the major changes that student mobile phone use has brought to school campuses across the country:

In my opinion, neither of these articles carry through to two obvious conclusions:

  1. educational institutions represent the leading edge of mobile technology adoption,
  2. Regional Bell Operating Companies are likely to be dealing with problems in suburbia soon unless they deliver the fastest, most cost effective broadband service available to the home and get their existing customers to adopt it before they decide to go with the cable company or electric utility instead.

I think people will scrutinize the need for a “home phone” whenever they move. Whether they switch to VOIP or just designate a cell phone as the de facto home phone, it’s still a loss for the RBOCs in many respects unless they get the broadband business. Watch out if 3G and Bluetooth become widely available.



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