Got Our Treo 650s Last Night

Kathleen and I got our Treo 650s last night. I didn't think they were going to arrive yesterday, but UPS delayed a shipment status message that would have told me that the package was "out for delivery". As a result, I arrived back at the Home Office late yesterday afternoon to find a UPS Call Tag on my front door.

I quickly followed the instructions on the Call Tag and put the packages in "Same Day Will Call" status, so I could pick them up at the UPS facility in Trenton, New Jersey around 7:30pm. Same Day Will Call is a nice web-enabled service that allowed me to pickup the phones 18 hours before they would have been redelivered to my place.

Both phones seemed to be in working order when I unpacked them. I followed the Treo 650 setup instructions to install the batteries, initialize the digitizer and set the clocks, and plug them into wall outlets to fully charge.

The Treos were fully charged by the time we went to bed. I woke up for a little while in the middle of the night, so I decided to follow the instructions in the Treo 650 Upgrade Guide. This quickly put most of the information that I had stored in my Treo 180 on to my new 650. I went back to sleep.

I got up this morning and started putting the Treo 650 through its paces. The only problem I ran into initially was the fact that my 650 did not seem to know where to find Cingular's Voice Mail service. This is a common problem with Treo 650s on Cingular that have Gemplus SIM cards. PalmOne has developed a Treo 650 Voice Mail Updater that attempts to solve this problem, but it didn't work on my Treo.

After scratching my head for a little while, I called Cingular Customer Service. The problem with changing the voice mail speed dial number on the Treo 650 is that the Cingular-branded version doesn't let you do that yourself for some reason.

The first level support person pretty quickly handed me off to a technician. He walked me through putting the SIM card in another GSM phone (we have a number of them around, but I used my sister-in-law Mary Kuykendall's Nokia 6010 because it's the simplest GSM phone that was here at the time) and setting the voice mail speed dial number on it. This didn't take long once we determined that was what we had to do, but the duration of the call was probably at least 20 minutes.

Cingular's Customer Service did well in my first contact with them. Let's see how things go the next time I call.

I haven't really used the Internet on the Treo yet, and I haven't attempted to set up mobile email. I'll try to report on that later. I'll also have pictures of the two Treo 650s up in the Operation Gagdet Photo Gallery soon.