WiFi Working Again for Me

I was just talking to Bridget Bentz from the Team.Discovery.com website, telling her that my story of the Dodge Tour de Georgia seems bound to be one where technology problems hinder my coverage. The good news is that I finally got my new D-Link DWL-G650 AirPlus XtremeG 802.11g Wireless Cardbus Adapter working in my laptop. I had to replace my old one because it started to die on me here at the Tour de Georgia, and the Media Center runs on WiFi.

This is not really a problem as long as the Media Center stays at the Rome News-Tribune offices here in Rome, GA. They have WiFi throughout the building, but also an abundance of Ethernet connections. [ Thanks for your help guys, you've been terrific. ] When the Media Center moves tomorrow to the Women's/Community Center in Dahlonega, we will probably go back to WiFi as our only source of Internet access.

I got about one year out of my last D-Link DWL-G650 AirPlus Adapter. I first started using it back in April 2004 (see Finally Working with Wireless Network at the Home Office). I had it installed on my laptop for virtually the entire year with hardly any problems. I hit the road last week for my trips to Chicago and Georgia and it started flaking out on me. I bought a new one while I was here in the Atlanta area, thinking that would minimize any driver-related problems that I might encounter.

The new DWL-G650 didn't want to work yesterday, and that appears to be the result of trying to continue using the old version of the D-Link driver. I upgraded to the new version, rebooted, and the new DWL-650 started to work!

The folks from the Tour de Georgia seem to be packing up. I hope the Rome News guys let me stay a while. I've still got some photos to upload and caption.