BusinessWeek Provides Manufacturing Cost Comparison Between Motorola Q and BlackBerry 8700

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Yesterday BusinessWeek published an article that provides a manufacturing cost comparison between the Motorola Q and BlackBerry 8700 handheld communicators. According to the article, the Motorola Q costs about $158 to make. Some of the key components in the Q are:

  • LCD display, $25
  • XScale microprocessor, $19
  • Digital baseband processor, $14

The BlackBerry 8700c only costs Research in Motion about $123, however it lacks two key Smartphone features that would have increased the manufacturing costs: a media player for audio and video playback, and a camera.

A market research firm named iSupply provides these types of teardown analyses periodically to mainstream media for inclusion in stories. I think their main claim to fame is acting as a marketing consultant to electronics companies, and helping them determine which features should be included in their high style products.

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