Apple Corrected Location of Building on Apple Maps within Three Days

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One of the reasons I started RinkAtlas eight years ago was because a lot of the locations of hockey arenas that were available from navigation systems and mapping websites weren’t accurate.

This continues to be a problem today, although the number of serious location errors keeps dropping.

I had a really good experience the other day correcting a location error in Apple Maps. I used Apple Maps to get directions to Wissahickon Skating Club. The Apple Maps app on my iPhone told me that I had “arrived” when I reached the stadium at Chestnut Hill Academy. Anybody who knows the area would know that the stadium is two long blocks northeast of Wissahickon Skating Club.

I hadn’t been to Wissahickon Skating Club in about 20 years, so I wasn’t sure where the rink was, but I was pretty sure it was nearby. I continued south on West Willow Grove Avenue and found the rink several hundred feet down the street.

This kind of error causes panic for some people, so I submitted a corrected location to Apple Maps, hoping that Apple would see my recommended change and correct their database. They received my update request on December 1 and corrected the pin placement on December 3.

That’s a fantastic turn around on a map correction.

If you find an error within Apple Maps, and a named place is not in the correct location, I hope you’ll take a moment and submit a correction. I think Apple is processing these requests faster than ever. That will result in better navigation for you and others in the future.



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