Put a Star Shower on Your House for the Holidays

As the holiday decorating season begins again this year, we want to point out a product that we see people buying to decorate the exterior of their homes that doesn’t require the placement of stranded lights.

The Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights and Star Projector is one of the more interesting light projectors that we’ve seen created for holiday house illuminations. It produces a light field containing thousands of green stars, or a combination of green and red stars, that can be projected on your house or any vertical surface of your property.

The area covered by the Star Shower Outdoor Laser Projector can be as large as 600 square feet (55.75 square meters), which could potentially save you from having to hang hundreds of Christmas Lights, if you want to completely avoid doing that.

Some people I know place these projectors on a side of their house that is visible from the street, but isn’t the front, so that their house is illuminated on all visible sides for the holidays. Then they place their stranded lights on the front of their house, or nearest to their doors, windows, and weatherized outlets.

I asked a friend who already has one of these Star Shower Projectors if he had any complaints. He said that the projector worked better on areas of his property where there was not a lot of ambient light. In other words, this product will work better the further you place it away from street lights or other lights that illuminate your house, such as spotlights or porch lights.

This doesn’t mean that the projected stars won’t be visible when another light source is present. But the projected light won’t be as strong as it might appear in some photos that were lit specifically to highlight the performance of this projector. To an extent, you can see this in the photo we’re using to illustrate this article. Note that the projector light is strongest on the darkest part of the house, but still visible on the parts that are lit by exterior house lights.

I’m looking for another of projector for the side of my house (three of the sides are visible from the street). So I am buying one of these to be turned on the day after Thanksgiving.