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  • Welcome Back to Operation Gadget

    Today I’m relaunching Operation Gadget, a website that will focus on Apple home automation. I originally launched Operation Gadget on November 17, 2003. At that time, it was a weblog devoted to electronic gadgets, software, and related products. Believe it or not, hardly anyone had a weblog about gadgets at the time. My name is […]

  • Gadget Links: First of the Year Edition

    Trick Yourself into Eating Less on Lifehacker: Lifehacker refers to an article in Reason Magazine that’s making the rounds of the A-list blogs– “In his new book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, author Brian Wansink argues that lesser obvious, small changes over time to our daily habits can lead to gradual […]

  • My Success with Foxmarks, A Firefox Bookmarks Synchronization Plugin

    Today I achieved my personal goal of syncing the bookmarks in Firefox on my home and work computers. I did this with Foxmarks, a surprisingly flexible bookmark synchronization plugin. You have the option of using the repository at, but I chose the more complex option of using the Webdav service on my company’s Internet […]