Welcome to Operation Gadget

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Good morning and welcome. Today I’m kicking off a new weblog called Operation Gadget that will talk about electronic gadgets, software, and related products. I realize that this is not virgin territory in the blogosphere, but, I definitely think there’s room for a little friendly competition in this space, and you’ll see some features added to Operation Gadget that I think are fairly unique.

My name is Dave Aiello and I have setup and run a series of weblogs over the past three years. The largest one, and where I have done the majority of my posting until now is CTDATA.com, my consulting firm’s main website.

Operation Gadget is the first weblog that I’ve built to cover an editorial niche, and I’ve had a good time designing it. I was the first guy in my neighborhood with an Apple Newton MessagePad, a TiVo, and a Handspring Treo, so I’ve picked my share of winners and losers. If you were interested in those products when they came out, you’ll probably be interested in the stuff that will be published here.

I’ll do my best to keep the main content informative, and I welcome your comments, questions, and tips.

Update in 2023: Links to the Newton MessagePad, TiVo, and Handspring Treo were updated so they point to modern webpages.