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  • Operation Gadget Currently Features Minimal Theming

    Operation Gadget Currently Features Minimal Theming

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes I hope you are enjoying reading Operation Gadget since I rebooted it a little more than a week ago. I wanted to write briefly about the visual design of the site. I’m experimenting with WordPress Block Themes in order to better understand them. This is primarily because they are a new WordPress website design option […]

  • Operation Gadget is an Amazon Associate

    Operation Gadget is an Amazon Associate

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes Operation Gadget is part of the Amazon Associates Program. Purchases you make from or a related website after following a link from this website to one of those websites may result in a small commission being paid by Services LLC to the publisher of this site, After6 Services LLC. We provide this disclosure […]

  • Welcome Back to Operation Gadget

    Welcome Back to Operation Gadget

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I’m relaunching Operation Gadget, a website that will focus on Apple home automation. I originally launched Operation Gadget on November 17, 2003. At that time, it was a weblog devoted to electronic gadgets, software, and related products. Believe it or not, hardly anyone had a weblog about gadgets at the time. My name is […]

  • 12 Years of Operation Gadget

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes November 17, 2003 was the day I published the first four articles on a new website called Operation Gadget. Here’s what the first article said: Good morning. Today I’m kicking off a new weblog called Operation Gadget that will talk about electronic gadgets, software, and related products. I realize that this is not virgin territory […]

  • Announcing the 2014 Operation Gadget Holiday List

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes On Black Friday 2014, I’m pleased to announce the Operation Gadget Holiday List. I’ve decided to work from now until Christmas on telling you about things I find that I think is really cool or useful, for your gift giving consideration. These are products that are gifts that I could see giving to a family […]

  • Operation Gadget App Coming Soon for Your iPhone

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes A few hours ago, I submitted an Operation Gadget reader app for the iPhone to Apple for their approval. I hope that they will approve the app within the next week, and then it will be available on the App Stores throughout the world. It’s been obvious to me for a long time that the […]

  • Operation Gadget Photo Archives Moving to Flickr

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes I’ve always loved Flickr, and I’ve finally found a way to move the Operation Gadget photo archives into Flickr so that more people can see them.  Since we are coming up on the tenth anniversary of Operation Gadget, we’re beginning with the photos from this site’s early days: The 2004 Tour of Hope The 2005 […]

  • Republished on the Latest Version of Movable Type

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes To all of you Operation Gadget insiders, welcome back. It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since I’ve said anything on the best blog I ever published. I want you to know that I was able to upgrade this site from Movable Type 4.25 to Movable Type 5.2.3 in about half an hour, door-to-door. […]

  • Operation Gadget Allows Comments to Be Posted Again

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes Thanks to the Movable Type upgrade that I just performed, Operation Gadget can accept comments again. Now all this site needs is a few timely posts….