Hope You Noticed Our Server Problems

I hope that all of the devoted readers of Operation Gadget noticed that the site was off the air for about 24 hours, ending at about 3:00pm Eastern Time today.

The timing of the outage (yesterday at 3:00pm) couldn’t have been much worse. My wife and I were in mid-flight from Austin to Baltimore, coming back from a week-long trip. My network monitor didn’t page me when I arrived in Baltimore because it’s co-located with the Operation Gadget server and the network connection itself was interrupted. I only discovered it when I reached the Home Office, sometime around midnight, nine hours after it happened.

I got up in the morning, drove to the server location, and fixed the problem myself.

I’ve learned some lessons from this, mainly that I have to monitor the Operation Gadget server site, which is actually my company’s secondary co-lo, from our primary location. We’ve never put anything critical in this location before, so I was surprised but I shouldn’t have been. I’ll work out the details as soon as I can.

In the meantime, thanks for being an Operation Gadget reader, and back to the news.