Gadget Links: No Time to Play Edition

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Top 7 Web Applications for Sending Large Files on Geekpreneur: “If you’ve ever had to send a large file to someone, you know the hardships that arise. Email services keep strict limits on attachment sizes. What’s more is that it’s often hard to send more than one attachment at a time. This kind of disservice has made email quite unpopular for sharing files- and thus, we have entered the age of hybrid email. The premise is simple: cut out the bulk, and just give us an easy way to send files over the internet!”
  • Torvalds: Leopard file system “utter crap” on MacNN: “Linux creator Linus Torvalds recently blasted Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard for having a file system that is ‘complete and utter crap’ at a Linux conference in Melbourne.”

    The Leopard file system, technically known as HFS+, has been around in some form since the last time I was a Mac developer– 1992. Of course Apple would like to move to something more robust. They’ve been building up to switch to ZFS, or some other sophisticated file system, for some time now.

  • Turn Your Nokia Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot with JoikuSpot on Lifehacker: Who needs tethering when you can make your Series 60 phone into an ad hoc WiFi base station for your laptop? Wow.
  • How to record a kickass podcast between two macs — and cheap! on A Whole Lotta Nothing: “A lot of people ask me how I do the MetaFilter Podcast…. I know they … mean… ‘what software and hardware does it take to make a decent sounding podcast?’ After almost a year of regular podcasts and trying out different software and equipment, I’ve gotten the workflow down cold and I wanted to share the my way of making a good sounding podcast on the cheap. This works perfectly well for me being in Oregon and talking to my friend Jessamyn in Vermont over Skype, recording at both ends, then tossing it all into Garageband to complete the podcast.” [ via 43Folders ]
  • Nike SPARQ Parachute Makes You Run Faster, Eventually on Gizmodo: “The Nike SPARQ Parachute is designed to create drag ‘to force athletes to push themselves harder to achieve speed’ and look like a moron in Central Park.” Can I use this thing on the ice sometime?