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  • 4 ways iOS 11 will improve how you listen to podcasts

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes Recognition of serialized podcasts Support for podcast seasons Support for extras, such as teasers, trailers, and bonus episodes Introduction of in-app podcast analytics Jason Snell does an impressive job documenting the changes to podcast feed formatting that Apple is rolling out in iOS 11. He’s one of the people who has a big stake in […]

  • Life Gets in the Way Sometimes

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Operation Gadget went quiet at the end of August. This is by far the longest break in posts in the five year history of the site. If you are wondering why, consider: I lost my job in September. This happened a couple of weeks after my family came back from vacation at Stone Harbor. I […]

  • Considering a Blue Microphones Snowflake for Podcasting

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m planning to launch an audio podcast about ice hockey officiating this September, so I’m looking at hardware and software I’ll need to produce a podcast. One thing I want to buy for myself is a compact USB microphone because I’m sure that the built-in microphone on my MacBook Pro will not be adequate. A […]

  • “iPhone Fully Loaded” is a Must Have Book for iPhone and iPod Touch Users

    Reading Time: 2 minutes The first book I bought to try to get new ideas on how I could better leverage my iPhone as a multimedia Swiss Army Knife was iPhone Fully Loaded by Andy Ihnatko. I have been really impressed by this book because it has some really excellent tips and techniques that go beyond many of the […]

  • Gadget Links: No Time to Play Edition

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Top 7 Web Applications for Sending Large Files on Geekpreneur: “If you’ve ever had to send a large file to someone, you know the hardships that arise. Email services keep strict limits on attachment sizes. What’s more is that it’s often hard to send more than one attachment at a time. This kind of disservice […]

  • How Leo Laporte and Scott Bourne Get Such Great Sound on Their Podcasts

    Reading Time: < 1 minutes I am a big fan of This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, and The Apple Phone Show. They are all excellent podcasts that are have very high production standards. What I’m most impressed with is the sound quality of each of these shows. I think that Leo Laporte, the host of TWiT and MacBreak, and […]

  • Building the Ultimate Exercise Playlists

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ll probably end up doing some running around Newtown in the next few weeks. Although I’ve had quite a few college varsity and club-level games on my officiating schedule so far this year, my schedule from December 7 to January 2 is totally empty. Part of this is the nature of college hockey scheduling: there […]

  • Podcasts That Can Help You Follow the Tour de France

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m spending more time at work during the 2007 Tour de France than I am watching the coverage on Versus. For this reason, I have become a voracious consumer of non-TV information about the Tour. One of the things I’ve been doing is grabbing Tour de France-specific podcasts from iTunes and listening to them on […]

  • I Got My iPhone Yesterday, Maybe It Will Work Today

    Reading Time: 7 minutes It was possible to buy either iPhone model last night in Central New Jersey. My iPhone moments after I purchased it at the Freehold, NJ Apple Store on June 29. See more photos of my iPhone in my Flickr photostream. I bought mine at the Apple Store at the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ […]