Life Gets in the Way Sometimes

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Operation Gadget went quiet at the end of August. This is by far the longest break in posts in the five year history of the site. If you are wondering why, consider:

  • I lost my job in September.

    This happened a couple of weeks after my family came back from vacation at Stone Harbor. I was only at that job for seven weeks, so it’s hard for me to see the job loss as anything but a function of the deteriorating economy.

  • I started a new audio podcast.

    Losing my job was helpful in one way: I was able to get off the ground HockeyRefCast, my podcast about hockey officiating. Episode 1, including an interview with Ian Walsh of the National Hockey League, turned out really well.

  • I found a new job in October.

    Freelance writing and blogging took a backseat to finding another job. I was surprised to find that there was as much demand for my services as there was. I actually received two job offers.

    A well-known web publishing software company called Six Apart hired me to work for their professional services division in mid-October. I started working with them on November 3. This was a God-send because….

  • My wife was in a car accident a week ago this past Friday.

    Kathleen was in a car accident on Interstate 95 just south of Newtown on November 7. [ Photos of the car after the accident ] This was a harrowing experience for our family, because Kathleen is seven months pregnant.

    We spent 10 hours at the hospital while tests Kathleen underwent tests to make sure that neither she nor the baby were hurt and that she was not in premature labor.

    That was a scary time, and I felt that Twitter was somehow inappropriate.

I am really happy to be back. I think I will have more time to write in the upcoming weeks. I also feel like I’d be missed if I didn’t talk about holiday gifts on Operation Gadget again this year.



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