AT&T Takes Away Unlimited Wireless Data Access Plans from Go Phone Customers

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I was a happy user of AT&T GoPhone for the past three months. That ended today.

Up until November 12, AT&T provided unlimited monthly data service as a pay-as-you-go option for $19.99 per month. Once you bought this service, you could use either the 3G or EDGE wireless data networks.

I was gladly buying this service package each month because I was able to use the really fantastic JoikuSpot application to turn my Nokia E71 into a 3G-powered ad hoc WiFi access point that I carried in my pocket.

I guess enough bloggers talked about what a great deal the Go Phone monthly data service package was, because AT&T did away with this package on November 12. Some people in the blogosphere heard about this in early October, as evidenced by the article AT&T hangs up on unlimited data GoPhone option that appeared on I missed it because, as you know, I’ve been really busy.

My monthly data service plan ended over the weekend, and I can’t renew unlimited data now via GoPhone at any price. Now I will either have to replace my iPhone with an iPhone 3G and buy the tethering package that AT&T is planning to offer, get some sort of data-only plan for my E71, or buy a wireless data card. All of these options will be a lot more expensive than $20 per month. Bummer.