Motigo is a New App for Runners That Provides In-Race Motivation

Motigo is currently an iOS-only app that was initially released in June 2014 to provide in-race motivation to endurance athletes. This app allows you to record, manage, and play at specific points in your race motivating audio clips from family or friends. I know I’d get a big kick out of hearing my son Jimmy say, “Come on Daddy, you can do it!” at the 2-mile mark of a 5k race.

Motigo is free to download, but currently has in-app purchases associated with each cheer that you want to have a friend record (one cheer is $1.99, five cheers is $7.99).

Motigo has an Indegogo campaign going to fund the development of a subscription mechanism, which I think is a better revenue model for this app than purchasing blocks of cheers, especially if you run multiple races per year.

I love the idea of this app, and can’t wait to try it after hockey season ends and I get back to running races again.

As a RunKeeper Elite subscriber who is also working on his first iOS app, I’ve often thought about apps that would complement RunKeeper or MapMyRun. I think Motigo is clearly that kind of app. More power to them!



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