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  • Buying a Bus Ticket in Switzerland with Your Watch

    A company in Switzerland called Fairtiq has an iOS app with support for the Apple Watch that lets you pay for transit tickets using your Watch. The way it apparently works is you start the trip on your Watch as you board the bus (they also have partnerships with rail carriers), and end the trip […]

  • Motigo is a New App for Runners That Provides In-Race Motivation

    Motigo is currently an iOS-only app that was initially released in June 2014 to provide in-race motivation to endurance athletes. This app allows you to record, manage, and play at specific points in your race motivating audio clips from family or friends. I know I’d get a big kick out of hearing my son Jimmy […]

  • Why Plugging an iPhone in to Use the “Hey Siri” Feature Makes Sense

    Let’s say we are in a room full of iPhones. If “Hey Siri” could be enabled by default without a constraint like having the phone plugged in to power, when one of us said, “Hey Siri,” all of the iOS devices in the room would start listening and responding at the same time. It may […]

  • iPhone 4s Performance Under iOS 8 is Good

    Some of you may know that I am using an iPhone 4s temporarily because I broke my 5s about a week ago. I upgraded the 4s I’m using to iOS 8 this afternoon, and the performance of the 4s feels about the same to me under the new operating system as it did under iOS […]

  • Will The Apple Watch Change Us the Way Other iOS Devices Have?

    Maybe you were blown away by Apple’s announcements yesterday: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch. Wait, what? We were ready for the introduction of a wearable device. Some people were sure it was a watch. Some people thought it was the iWatch. It turned out to be the Apple Watch. What do you […]

  • Is Cook’s Team Fostering a New Era of Apple Secrecy?

    Great post this morning by Dave Mark on The Loop called iWatch speculation, where he cites James Gill’s Why Would Apple make a watch? Gill said: Not long after Tim Cook took over as full time CEO, he made a promise: “We’re going to double down on secrecy.” A few years on from that comment, […]