Allicaver Outlet Shelf Frees Counter Space

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An Allicaver Outlet Shelf for a Decora Outlet installed with an Apple HomePod mini sitting on the built-in shelf
The Allicaver Outlet Shelf is the best outlet shelf I’ve found in terms of features, durability, and price.

In a previous article I mentioned that we currently have six HomePod minis installed in the house. One thing that you will realize if you install multiple smart speakers is that a well-designed outlet shelf frees a surprising amount of counter space that would otherwise be taken by the speaker.

Lots of people seem to have found a need for a solution before I did. One search of for “outlet shelf” yielded 10,000 results. When I get results like this I think, there are probably really good and really bad solutions here. So let me look at several of the results, see what looks good, and see if it makes sense to order one or two of them for evaluation.

Allicaver Outlet Shelf, Black Decora One Pack
  • Reclaim Your Counter Space: Add this shelf (for Decora outlets) to save space and keep your home organized. It holds small electronics up to 3 lbs, making it perfect for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and garage counters and floors.
  • Built-in Cord Management: We have designed a hollow cable storage box in this shelf, which perfectly hides messy charging cables. Say goodbye to long, unsightly cords and free up space. Additionally, it keeps your electronics safe from potential damage due to liquid spills or food splatter.
  • Easy Installation: Installing this shelf is as simple as replacing a new Decora outlet cover. Just remove the old cover and replace it—no mess, no fuss.
  • Multifunctional Use: This shelf can also be mounted upside down, offering versatility. It can hold a wide range of small electronics, including Apple HomePod Mini, cellphones, razors, toothbrushes, diffusers, and smart home speakers such as Google Home, Echo, and Dot, among others.
  • After-Sale Service and Notes: Please note that you need a Decora outlet for this specific model of outlet shelf. We offer an unconditional refund for any broken outlet shelves. For orders placed over one month ago, please contact ALLICAVER customer service through Amazon. We will respond and assist you within 24 hours.

I looked at several recommendations on the first page of search results and decided to buy an Allicaver Outlet Shelf. I found what I think is the best combination of features, design, durability, and price. So much so that I bought and installed a second outlet shelf. Now I have Allicaver Outlet Shelves in the kitchen and in one of our full bathrooms, both of which remove a HomePod mini from a place where counter space is at a premium.

Sold in Many Different Configurations

The Allicaver Outlet Shelf is sold in black and white colors, in both standard and Decora outlet shapes, and in vertical and horizontal orientations. This means you can install an outlet shelf of this design in most places where you have a single-gang home power outlet in North America.

There are lots of other outlet shelf options available on, if you want something different. I just think this one is well-designed and documented at a very good price. Let me explain why.

Before the Installation

Kitchen counter before installation of the Allicaver Outlet Shelf began.

Here’s what the kitchen counter looked like before I started installing the Allicaver Outlet Shelf. When I first plugged in the HomePod mini I thought, “This Homepod doesn’t take up that much space.” But imagine how much more counter space we’ll have if we raise the HomePod mini up over the top of the Decora Outlet.

Unpacking the Box

The Allicaver Outlet Shelf Ships with the two-piece outlet shelf itself, a new Decora-compatible outlet cover, a mounting bracket, mounting screws that are painted to match the outlet shelf, and a well-written instruction booklet.

I wanted to include a photo of everything that comes in the box when you order an Allicaver Outlet Shelf. This is impressive, because I only paid $8.99 for the Black Decora unit. It comes with:

  • a new, metal, Decora-compatible Cover Plate,
  • a plastic “Shelf” (which I would call a mounting bracket for the Cord Box) that fits over the Cover Plate,
  • a Cord Box and Cover (that when assembled represent the shelf we intended to purchase),
  • metal screws painted to match the assembled outlet shelf, and
  • a well-written instruction booklet.

I should reiterate that the outlet shelf is made up of two pieces: a Cord Box, which is a box built into the shelf to contain most of the length of the power cord, and a Cover, on which you place the HomePod mini or whatever smart speaker or corded device you intend to put on the shelf.

Some people aren’t going to want a design like this because it’s not a simple shelf as it’s described. But I think having a recessed area where the extra length of power cord can be hidden is a great feature.

Clear and Well-written Instructions

The first two pages of the instruction manual for the Allicarver Outlet Shelf. The clarity of the illustrations and the readability of the text goes well beyond what I expected.

The installation instructions that come with this outlet shelf are amazing in terms of the clarity of the illustrations and written instructions. This short pamphlet puts many more-expensive products to shame in this regard.


One of the great things about a project like replacing an outlet cover with an outlet shelf is that the entire project can be done in 10 minutes with a screw driver.

It took a lot longer to write this article than it did to install the outlet shelf.

Routing the HomePod mini’s Power Cord

The only slight complication in doing this installation is routing the power cord for the HomePod mini. Unlike the instruction page shown here, the HomePod mini power cord is not detachable from the speaker. This means you have to:

  1. hold the HomePod mini above the Cover with one hand while you push the end of the power cord and the coiled part of the power cord through the hole in the Cover and into the Cord Box,
  2. push the end of the power cord out through the bottom of the Cord Box,
  3. continue to hold the HomePod mini above the Cover with one hand while you place most of the coiled power cord in the Cord Box
  4. put the Cover on top of the Cord Box,
  5. put the HomePod mini on top of the Cover,
  6. plug the power cord into the power adapter.
  7. plug the power adapter into the power outlet.


See how much counter space can be reclaimed when a HomePod mini is elevated with an Allicarver Outlet Shelf.

I’m really amazed at the difference an outlet shelf made in this small corner of our kitchen. It’s not just the number of square inches of counter we got back; That end of the kitchen counter also looks less cluttered– despite the fact that the same things are still stored there.