This Superdanny Power Strip Powers Everything Around Your Desk

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My wife needs a way to charge her iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. She would like to have it take up only one wall outlet. I may have found a fantastic solution for her. It’s the Superdanny Power Strip with 22 outlets and 6 USB ports.

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She has a corner of our bedroom with a small desk for her Mac mini, next to a chest of drawers where she leaves her iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to charge at night.

This Superdanny Power Strip handles all of her power needs. Plus, the power strip mounts to the wall behind the chest. So it doesn’t take up space on top.

The features I like most about this power strip are:

  • sold in both white and black, so you can find the best match to your decor.
  • available in several power cord lengths, from 6.5 feet to 15 feet.
  • has a flat outlet plug at the end of its power cord. The plug connects at a 45º offset, so that the cord does not block the second outlet in a duplex grounded wall outlet.
  • has 1875 Watt / 15 Amp total capacity.
  • has a 2100 Joule surge protector built-in.
  • has 10 outboard grounded outlets– spaced far enough apart so that large power adapters do not block adjoining outlets. The other 12 outlets cluster in the middle of the front panel.
  • has one USB-C and five USB-A ports, for direct connection to smart device charging cables. They are “smart,” in that they sense the maximum charge rate for each USB-connected device and channel as much power as possible to them. The power strip distributes 24 Watts and 4.8 Amps across all USB-connected devices.

This Superdanny Power Strip is often put on sale at Amazon. Therefore even a better deal than when it sells at or near its list price!