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  • A Glimpse of the Future from 15 Years Ago

    Fifteen years ago this week, Steve Jobs gave this pre-opening tour of the first Apple Store in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. If I said to you in 2001 that Apple Stores would become the fastest growing boutique store concept in retailing, that in the future the presence of an Apple Store would be the best indicator […]

  • Hour of Code at the Apple Store

    On Thursday, December 11, 2014, I took Jimmy and Peter to the Hour of Code event that took place at the Apple Store at the Willow Grove Park mall in Willow Grove, PA. This was a fun and informative event that I had initially thought was aimed at kids, but was actually appropriate for non-programmers […]

  • Casey Neistat Deserves Thanks for His Film on iPhone 6 Launch Day in NYC

    Yesterday I talked about the Chinese regulatory delays that created the conditions necessary for a gray market in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices to flourish. I felt like this information added context to Casey Neistat’s film, and was worthy of a full blog post here. Some other prominent bloggers agreed. For instance, my post […]

  • I Know Somebody Who Got A Seat at an Apple Camp

    Did you know that Apple Stores throughout the USA run three-day workshops for kids 8 to 12 during the summer? The free classes this year teach video creation with iMovie or book creation with iBooks. You pretty much had to have expressed interest in this program before it was announced, because availability was limited and […]