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  • Sockitbox Makes Indoor Smart Devices Work Outside

    Sockitbox Makes Indoor Smart Devices Work Outside

    Reading Time: 4 minutes As you add more Home Automation to your home, you inevitably run into a few situations like these. All of which may be remedied with a Sockitbox Weatherproof Connection Box: I was stymied by these problems on a few occasions, but then I discovered what has turned out to be a simple solution: The Sockitbox […]

  • 4 Reasons to Buy an REI Alcove Shelter Tent

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I bought an REI Alcove Shelter for Kathleen for Mother’s Day, and this is already one of the most useful gifts that Jimmy, Peter, and I have given her. Jimmy and I brainstormed about what to give Kathleen this year, and we settled on something that would make Summer parties in our backyard more enjoyable. […]