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  • Zip-It is a Better Solution for Slow Shower and Tub Drains Than Drain Opener

    I want to share one of the ways I quickly resolve slow shower and tub drains at my house. For the last few years, I’ve been doing a lot of the household maintenance for my family. One of the pain points we run into when my wife lets her hair grow a bit longer is […]

  • Filing a Claim to Recover Part of the DRAM Settlement

    Back in the late 1990s and the first few years of the 2000s, I bought thousands of dollars of desktop computers, printers, servers, and handheld electronics. So I am one of the people who should be able to claim a share of the settlement in the DRAM Antitrust Litigation. If you purchased any electronic equipment […]

  • The Wall Street Journal Calls Falling Gadget Prices “Deflation”

    There’s an article in Wednesday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal called Falling Prices Starting to Hit Electronics Retailers. The article speaks of “… rapidly falling prices for televisions, computers and other gadgets that are adding to the woes of recession-scarred retailers.” Apparently there’s been a 26.5-percent increase in television sales, but that occurred at […]

  • Gadget Links: Remembering Tim Russert Edition

    Linda Stone: Is it Time to Retire the Never-Ending List? on “What did surgeons, artists, and CEO’s have in common? Most of them reported that they managed both their time and their attention. In surgery, in the studio, and in the time carved out to think through strategies and issues, these professionals reported shutting […]

  • Considering a Blue Microphones Snowflake for Podcasting

    I’m planning to launch an audio podcast about ice hockey officiating this September, so I’m looking at hardware and software I’ll need to produce a podcast. One thing I want to buy for myself is a compact USB microphone because I’m sure that the built-in microphone on my MacBook Pro will not be adequate. A […]

  • Towing a Two-Year-Old in a Chariot Cougar 1

    One of the best ways to entertain my son Jimmy over the past week or so has been to put him in the Chariot Cougar 1 Carrier that I use as a bike trailer and tow him around the backroads near our house in Newtown, PA. Jimmy in the Chariot Cougar 1: We’ve ridden the […]

  • Backlog at Dealers Indicates That We’ll See a Lot More Smarts on the Road Soon

    Here’s a follow up to last week’s article about Smart cars on the road in the Philadelphia area. The Boston Globe published an article on Tuesday that indicates that many owners of SUVs and pickup trucks in New England are trying to sell their vehicles because of fuel costs. Near the end of the article […]

  • Smart ForTwos on the Road in the Philadelphia Area

    Yesterday on my way to the Philadelphia Airport to drop off Kathleen, Jimmy, and a couple of other relatives for a weekend trip to Atlanta, I saw two Smart ForTwos on the road in less than an hour. Smart ForTwos like this one that was seen by fleur-design in Louisville, KY are appearing more frequently […]

  • BlueLounge SpaceStation Organizes Cables for Laptop Users

    The BlueLounge SpaceStation is a desk organizer for laptop users that acts as a USB hub for all peripheral devices. BlueLounge SpaceStation [ Photo courtesy of the manufacturer. ] The photo I’ve chosen shows the bottom of the SpaceStation. The rubber feet set the SpaceStation 5mm above the surface of the desk. This allows the USB cables […]