Gadget Links: Lazy Friday Edition

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Cool Tool: StrollAway on Cool Tools: “… Once we got this hook, rather than just parking our stroller in the kitchen or dining room, we created a set, out-of-the-way place to store it. And since it’s off the floor, that gives us more space to fill up with more baby stuff. The hook is strong (we have a Quinny Buzz stroller, which weighs abouts 15 lbs.). It doesn’t require drilling or mounting into anything, since it hangs over the top a door…..” Great idea.
  • SightSpeed Goes Mainstream with Dell Video Chat « on Web Worker Daily: “… The SightSpeed software installed easily on my Mac, and the video conversation with Mr. Csathy was crisp, smooth and effortless as compared to any I’ve tried with Skype. He had a fancy headset, but I was just using the MacBook Pro’s built-in speakers and microphone. For once, video conferencing felt approachable to me beyond Apple iChat….” This article has a good screen cap of the theme that Dell applied to SightSpeed’s software. [ Found out about the Dell / SightSpeed deal from friend Andy Abramson ]
  • Access And Share Files With on The Apple Phone Show: “I have tried several online file store and share solutions since getting my iPhone almost a year ago now. seems to be the one application that has endured time. I like using it to store and share my most important files and collaborate on work. I’m still getting used to moving my workflow entirely online. I am used to have files that I can access stored locally on all of my devices. But, times they are ‘a changing. The reason I think I have continued using this service and have let others fall by the wayside is because the interface is so simple….” I have to try this.
  • iPhone as Pedometer on Inside iPhone: “A short while ago, I discovered that Wii Fit could be used to track my progress as I walked on a treadmill. Wii Fit has a game where you jog in place in front of your TV to travel through a virtual landscape. Instead of bouncing up and down on the floor, I put my wiimote in my pocket, hopped on the treadmill and had a much better virtual exercise experience. And of course this got me thinking: if the wii can track movement, why can’t the iPhone do the same?” Cool idea. Interesting execution.